2007 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

After having produced Sauvignon Blanc for other wineries for several years now, we finally decided to produce our own and release it under our label. Fortunately, we were able to make a Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc that has exactly what we would expect from this fine varietal: fruity with hints of lemon and melon, light on the palate but with a fine body, aromatic but not overwhelming... its pairs wonderfully with seafood salads, crab cakes, and tangy Asian-based meat skewers.

You will notice that we chose to top this bottle with a screwcap, thus stepping away from cork on this varietal. The reason is quite simple--after much research and study, we have found that even the best corks, whether natural or technical, risk imparting unwanted flavors to wine. For our Cabernet Sauvignon, that has never been a problem but we felt that, for a delicate white wine such as our Sauvignon Blanc, we did not want to take that chance. Please read more about the various closures; it's a fascinating topic!

This vintage gave us 153 cases and, as usual, they are all hand-labeled and wrapped in protective tissue paper. It is, after all, a hand-crafted wine. Also, we have spared no expense in the production of this wine: the best fruit, the best packaging, and the best label we can generate. We trust that you will enjoy the quality throughout your “Morey Cellars Experience.”

In order to remain true to its varietal, this Sauvignon Blanc saw no exposure to oak barrels but, instead, spent its entire fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Also, we did not allow any malolactic fermentation to occur as this would have added a buttery or butterscotch tone to the wine that would have been distracting. Our wine has the following technical notes:

Release date:                November 1, 2008

Total cases:                  153

Appellation:                   Napa Valley

Component:                   100% Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol:                        14.3% by volume

Total Acidity:                 .57 g/100ml

pH:                               3.50

Residual Sugar:             0.47 g/L

Free SO2:                     32 ppm

Total SO2:                     119 ppm

Stainless Fermented:     100%

Oak Aging:                    0 months

Harvest Date:                 September 12, 2007

Bottled:                         September 16, 2008

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